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Three-year shamanic training program

This specialized three-year long program is ideal for those interested in deepening their personal and spiritual growth and further integrating shamanism into their lives, as well as those who wish to take shamanism into their professional practice and help others achieve their potential through this work.

The program offers students a combination of close personal mentorship, advanced shamanic training through courses and group work, as well as the opportunity to develop their counseling skills through supervised one-on-one work with fellow students. In this manner, students enjoy the distinct advantages that private shamanic counseling offers alongside the benefits of long-term systematic training in specialized shamanic techniques and practices.

Shamanic practices which students are introduced to such as shamanic healing, communication with the spirits of nature and the elements of the weather, soul retrieval work, divination work, extraction healing, and advanced shamanic counseling.

Some of the themes the course focuses on include relationships, wealth and abundance, death, living and mortality, personal and professional self-realization. Program participants will learn how to work more effectively with shamanic journeys, ritual, ceremony and practices inspired by indigenous shamanic cultures, and how to bring shamanism into their lives with awareness, heart, responsibility and respect.

The training consists of a total of six residential courses, along with ongoing personal supervision. Programs are typically run in the Barcelona area in Spain, in English, and are accessible and suitable to international participants as well. For more details about the upcoming training program, or any queries, contact me.