Arvick Baghramian - Psychotherapy & shamanic counseling
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The Magic of Shamanism

Baghramian presents an excellent introduction to shamanic healing by an experienced practitioner. She movingly offers journeys of her own life and journeys with patients revealing the transofmative effects they can have. She explains what traditional shamans do and shows in a touching way how she incorporates such practices into her healing work. This is a book presented with compassion, sensitivity, and wisdom.
—Dr. Charlotte Hardman, Durham University
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The therapeutic game

Revelations is a therapeutic tool for teachers, therapists and parents, developed by Arvick Baghramian, with the help of several children. The idea for this game arose from therapeutic work with children who had difficulty communicating themselves. Talking about our emotions is often hard, and for children who are experiencing any kind of emotional distress, this task is often made impossible. Revelations is specifically designed to help children communicate their thoughts and feelings to parents, teachers, and therapists, with ease and even have fun while doing so!
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Soul Retrieval (PDF)
Indie Shaman magazine, Issue 24, p.38

The Journey: the spirit’s view on the subject of healing (PDF)
Indie Shaman magazine, Issue 23, p.37

The Difference Between Healing and Curing (PDF)
Indie Shaman magazine, Issue 22, p.38

We Journey How We live (PDF)
Indie Shaman magazine, Issue 21, p.7

For the Wellbeing of the Soul (PDF)
Sacred Hoop magazine, Issue 66

An Interview with Arvick Baghramian (PDF)
Indie Shaman Magazine, Issue 17

Other resources on the Web

Here are some links to websites of some of my teachers, collaborators and students, who are themselves gifted healers, and where you can find some very interesting information about shamanism, Reiki, and other forms of healing.

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