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The Magic of Shamanism
by Arvick Baghramian

From the jacket:

“Baghramian presents an excellent introduction to shamanic healing by an experienced practitioner. She movingly offers journeys of her own life and journeys with patients revealing the transfomative effects they can have. She explains what traditional shamans do and shows in a touching way how she incorporates such practices into her healing work. This is a book presented with compassion, sensitivity, and wisdom”
Dr. Charlotte Hardman, Durham University
“What you always hear people say about Arvick is “nothing in my life is like what it used to be before I met her”. A colorful and fascinating woman, with a life story that is in itself an infinite journey of healing and giving, Arvick shares her own life journey with the reader, carrying them away to fascinating worlds, which were always there, but not usually accessible to Westerners. The pages of this book instill the reader with her strong belief that each and every one of us can heal our life and move it forward, to fulfill the higher calling for which we are on this earth. Arvick lives each day of her life in this way, fulfilling her calling with joy and love. The Magic of Shamanism inspires us to follow her, connect with our own power and come in touch with who we really are.” 
Michal Gazith, journalist, writer and workshop leader on creativity development and expression, Israel
“The ancient and modern healing practices of shamanism are explored here in a rich mix of research, practice and therapeutic work. Arvick gathers the anthropologist, the scientist, the psychotherapist, the shaman and the clients around the table for a wide-ranging and informative discussion.The daughter of a natural healer, Arvick adds personal perspective and meaning by sharing glimpses of her background and her story of learning and healing in a vivid and enjoyable way. Arvick is a healer and teacher who embraces the mind, body and spirit in he  practice, she has brought her considerable experience and her passionate curiosity to help us on this journey of exploration, which ultimately invites us to accept the potential and power of shamanic healing.”
Kathy Fried, practitioner and teacher of integrative-counselling and shamanism 
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The Magic of Shamanism