Arvick Baghramian - Psychotherapy & shamanic counseling
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Shamanic and therapeutic self-empowerment

“The very first time I met Arvick, I extended out my hand to shake hers. She, however, opened her arms widely and hugged me, a true long, motherly hug.”

— Irene Parnuta, Israel

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My therapeutic philosophy of self-empowerment is at the base of all the techniques I use and teach. This means that they are techniques everyone can learn, take and practice on their own, even after the workshop is over or therapy has run its course. Shamanism, Reiki, Conscious Breathing, and the Personal Totem Pole process – all of these are very different techniques, but they are all powerful, self-empowering techniques that don’t leave you dependent on the therapist or teacher, and equip you with the tools you need to grow, transform, and always reach for a life of joy, love, and freedom. 

I have practiced and trained others around the world, and have my home office in Barcelona, Spain.


Shamanism is humanity’s oldest spiritual practice and healing tradition. The shaman is considered by many to be the ancient predecessor of the modern doctor and psychotherapist.
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Reiki is a spiritual practice and a hands-on healing art that is quick and simple to learn and even easier to use. Reiki works in a holistic, all-encompassing manner, healing the person on many levels.
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Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breathing is a personal growth process, which uses a breathing technique to expand awareness and clear out blocks and stresses.
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Personal Totem Pole

This powerful process, which utilizes guided imagery and deep relaxation, is a unique blend of Carl Jung and Eastern and Native American practices.
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“Shamanism flipped my world upside down showing me my true self and in the way to finding this I received so many meaningful messages of love, of courage and a deep connection with my surroundings.”


About me

Located in Barceona, Spain, I am a psychotherapist, specializing in the field of child sexual abuse and adult survivors, and a shamanic counselor and teacher. It was my work with traumatized children and adult survivors of abuse that led me to… read more